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Whitepaper: Techno-economic analysis for hard-tech innovation

In this whitepaper, Chris makes the case for more investment in early-stage techno-economic analysis at the national level. He proposes that a relatively small investment could substantially increase the impact of R&D funding, and thereby increase the rate and impact of hard-tech innovation.

Thanks to Schmidt Futures and Activate for their support.


Chemical Engineering Progress:
Techno-Economic Modeling for New Technology Develpoment

Chemical Engineering Progress (CEP) is the flagship publication of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, the world's leading organization for chemical engineers. The January 2018 issue delivers a new article by Chris Burk, titled 'Techno-Economic Modeling for New Technology Development', which teaches how spreadsheet software can be used to build integrated process and economic models that provide new insights into profitability. Click here to download or read it.

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Chemical Engineering Progress:
Applying Scaling Laws in Process Engineering

Chris wrote this article after reading Geoffrey West's fascinating book 'Scale: The Universal Laws of Life and Death in Organisms, Cities and Companies'.


The models that we build rely largely on exponential scaling relationships for estimating capital costs. These relationships are normally empirical, but they are closely tied to equipment and plant characteristics. Understanding this connection can help you to use them more effectively, especially when data is limited.

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Chemical Engineering Magazine: Interpreting Normalized Profitability Metrics

Normalized profitability metrics provide a basis for comparing the efficiency of capital investments, but they are often misunderstood. New interpretations of these metrics can help engineers to make more informed decisions.

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